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Round 2 Wrap

Madeline Stewart

4 May 2023

A solid weekend at Barber Motorsports Park.

In Race 1 we started 7th overall, unfortunately the car in front of me didn't get away at the start, so I tapped him and then he pushed the Pit Speed button instead of pushing the radio button. This came into effect at Turn 5 when we dropped below 80kmph and I got stuck behind him, causing me to drop back. At the start I instinctively pulled out of line to pass - we are not allowed to get out of line until the start so for this, I received a 10 second penalty (which in the end did not matter because I was more than 10 seconds in front of the car behind). I had good pace at the end of the race bringing me back to finish 4th in class.


In Race 2 I managed to get up to 2nd in class but struggled a little bit with the car halfway through so ultimately, I got passes for 2nd and finished 3rd in class.


It was nice to finish off the weekend with another podium so a huge thank you to JDX Racing and my sponsors - Next up is VIR!


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