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Round 4 Wrap

Madeline Stewart

4 Jul 2023

A great weekend of racing at Mid-Ohio

I had such a great weekend at Mid-Ohio!

Firstly, it was a home race for Byers & Porsche Columbus, and I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who came out. I really really appreciate all the support.

Qualifying at Mid-Ohio was a tough one, we were the first class out and the track was damp from the rain early in the morning. It was drying every lap so we were all just trying to go faster each lap – I qualified 4th  for Race 1 and 6th for Race 2.

In Race 1 I got a great started and got into 3rd after a few corners I did get passed back and dropped into 4th. I had to defend for quite a few laps, so I didn’t drop into 5th. We then went under safety car and at Turn 2 on the restart I made a good move for 3rd place.

Race 2 was super wet and Mid-Ohio is extremely slipper in the wet – waaaay more slippery than any other wet track I’ve ever driven on. It was like being on an ice rink! It was my first time driving a 992 in the wet and having ABS and TC. Unfortunately, I made a mistake on the out lap and did a 360 before continuing on– I only dropped one space and regained that position before the next corner. In Sprint Challenge North America the rules are that if you spin or lose control on the out lap then you must drop to the rear of field – this was super disappointing as there were just under 30 cars. We then spent 20 minutes under safety car because many people were spinning and having to drop to the rear of field. When we finally started the race I was sitting around 18th – I made up 8 positions on the first lap, we then only had a few laps of racing but I continued to move forward finishing 4th in class.

Overall, it was a great weekend of racing. We had solid race in Race 1 and learnt plenty about the wet in Race 2. Thank you to JDX Racing for another great weekend and everyone who came out to support.

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