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Round 5 Wrap

Madeline Stewart

18 Aug 2023

A pair of top 5s at Road America

I have driven on so many amazing tracks this year and Road America was no exception. We qualified 4th for both races.

In race 1 we started 4th and maintained 4th for majority of the race but struggled with   pace as the race went on and we finished 5th.

In Race 2 we got a great jump and got into 3rd off the start. But didn’t quite have the pace to stay there, we got passed and dropped into 4th about halfway through the race. Unfortunately, we had a fuel pressure issue later in the race which caused us to drop off the back of the cars in front quite a lot. But we managed to survive to the end finishing 4th.

It wasn’t the results that we had hoped for leading into the weekend but... considering a 5th place and a 4th place is now considered a bad weekend for us make me think this year is going pretty well.

Huge thanks to JDX Racing and Jaxon for their continued support and hard work. I really appreciate everything you all do.

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