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Taking the leap to the US!

Madeline Stewart

27 Feb 2023

2023 plans incoming!!

So the news is out! This year I am heading to the US to compete in the Porsche Sprint Challenge North American Championship with JDX Racing. I am sooooo excited about this year, this feels like a huge step forward in the right direction. The goal is to become a professional endurance driver so stepping into the US opens me up to a whole world of opportunities and connections. JDX won the 2022 Carrera Cup Championship In Sprint Challenge I will race a 992 GT3 Porsche Cup Car, it’s a one make series, we run ABS, can use TC and do rolling starts. This all prepares me for the future. This platform will also put me in front of teams that run in IMSA and WEC so I have the opportunity to show them what I am made of. I will also be working with Porsche Factory Driver, Jaxon Evans - he will be coaching me this year and I look forward to learning from him.

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone who has made this possible especially Jeremy from JDX, John Evans, to my sponsors, Byers, Porsche Columbus, Boss Air Suspension and Spool Imports. Lessgoooo 2023!

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